PubsWiki, interaction between ad networks, agencies, advertisers and publishers made easy

PubsWiki, making life easier for ad networks, agencies, advertisers and publishers.

Just as the title says, PubsWiki facilitates the interaction between ad networks, agencies, advertisers and publishers, by allowing all the webmasters interested in adding advertisements on their websites to list their domains in our directory, free of charge.

By adding a domain within the PubsWiki listings, a webmaster can start receiving advertising offers from ad networks, agencies and direct advertisers. These advertising offers are sent through our message center, and the webmaster can reply to them and negotiate the partnership terms.

The beauty of PubsWiki is that it's services are extremely easy to use, intuitive and of course completely FREE OF CHARGE

What we offer?

For webmasters ( publishers )

Let the world know that you are willing to accept advertisements on your website. PubsWiki let's you do that in a better and faster way.

  • Chose what types of payment frequencies you are willing to accept
  • Chose the types of advertisements that suit your website
  • Chose the commission types you are willing to work with
  • Select the payment methods you can agree to
  • Ability to discuss and negotiate with your future providers

For ad networks, agencies and advertisers

Stop sending countless emails to webmasters that are not interested in new partnerships in the first place. PubsWiki did most of the work for you.

  • Send your offers only to webmasters interested in accepting advertisements
  • Filters that suit your offers and avertisements such as category filtering and traffic geo location targeting
  • Traffic analysis for each website. Know exactly where your ads will be shown.
  • Keep your future publishers engaged by talking to them directly

Here's an example of how PubsWiki works

This is Bob.

Bob is the webmaster of

Bob's website is pretty popular, therefor he gets a lot of offers by email from advertisers, however none of the offers meet his requirements.

Bob's a bit frustrated about all this...

But then Bob finds out about PubsWiki.

Bob adds his website to the PubsWiki's listings describing exactly what his requirements are.

Now, meet Frank.

Frank is a media buyer for a prestigious ad network.

Frank is trying to contract new publishers for his company but he is having a hard time since webmasters don't really respond to his emails.

But then Frank finds out about PubsWiki.

He signs up as an ad network representative and finds Bob's website within the listings.
Frank's offers and campaigns perfectly match Bob's advertising requirements, therefor he uses PubsWiki to make Bob an offer.

After they discuss and negotiate using PubsWiki's live message center, they come to an agreement and start working together.

Bob's happy he found the perfect ad network for his needs, and so is Frank for acquiring a new quality publisher.