Google's advertising market monopoly

I think by now everyone knows who or what Google is... What most of the people are not aware of though is the size of the business itself. What for most is the top search engine in the world for a few Google is hell. Don't get me wrong, I don't say that Google is an overall bad thing, I'm just implying that people should realize that the fact that pretty much everything online nowdays depending on Google is wrong. Having no competition is always wrong because a market giant will always put first it's own interests above the interests of it's clients or regular people.

We live in the era where corporations rule the market and dictate the prices and income. Google for example, says that they share 68% of the bid... But have you ever wondered whether that's actually true? Does anyone have the possibility to actually verify that fact?

I personally tried advertising a few projects with Google Adwords, and the results were... oh well... terrible. The only conversions I had brought me a bunch of indians that wanted to advertise their tech support scams. A complete bust. But then I thought, HEY! If I was forced to pay around $2.00 USD for a completely worthless click maybe I can be the nice guy in all this and get $1.36 USD for the clicks I'd send to Google Adsense. After a while the harsh reality struck me, finding my average cost per click at around $0.10 USD to $0.30 USD. It is important to mention that I was using the same website for both Adsense and Adwords, so the niche should be pretty much the same. Now... I'm not saying that Google is ripping people off, I'm just thinking there's a slight possibility that not everything is correct with them.

I know what some of you may think, that I didn't spend enough time optimizing the campaigns that I have etc. etc. And that may be true, but the difference between paying $2.00 USD and receiving an average of $0.10 USD per click is a bit high regardless of the optimization.

Google is literally ruining marketing, intentionally or not, due to the fact that they manipulate the advertising prices at will. Let me give you an example. Say a marketeer wants to promote an insurance offer. He gets $60.00 USD for each conversion. He goes to Google Adwords and finds out that he gets almost no traffic if his CPC bid is anywhere below $8.00 - $10.00 USD per click... Now think about it... Will he convert 1 out of 6 clicks to at least get a 100% ROI? Probably not... But why should Google care, I mean if the insurance company wants to get new contracts, they should advertise themselves directly right? Not! If the insurance company prefers to advertise it's contracts via CPA it means that they tried and it's not worth it... Not even for them.

The motivation behind this is pretty simple to me though, they are the biggest, there's nowhere else to go, they have the advertising market monopoly and they manipulate the prices however the hell they want. Nobody forces anyone to use their services, yet they're still making billions on a daily basis. How fair is that I'll let you decide.