How to distinguish impression garnering domains

The title of the article might be a little shady for those unfamiliar with the terms. But I'll explain briefly what an impression garnering domain is. Have you ever encountered one of these ``websites`` that have a multitude of ads and and pop-ups / unders jumping as soon as you enter a page? The word website is within quotes because it would be an offense to webmasters all over the world to call those websites. Leaving that aside, most of the ad spamming domains are most likely impression garnering domains.

How can you tell almost for sure that a website is an impression garnering domain? Here are a few things to consider :
- The pages has considerably less content than ads
- The content that it has is copy / pasted from somewhere else
- The visits it receives are mostly direct visits ( no social / search traffic )
- The domain is not ranked very high in Alexa although it receives a lot of traffic, mostly because the traffic is generated and it is probably hidden iframe traffic
- The design of the website is... in two words... ugly and common
- The registration date of the domain is not older than a few months ( mostly because impression garnering domains are rapidly blacklisted by ad networks )

Why should you steer clear of such domains whether you are an ad network representative, advertisers or ad agency representative?
The answer to this one is quite obvious. There's no way on earth a real visitor would actually be interested in getting himself spammed with a dozen of ads at once just to see some irrelevant copy / pasted content. So if these impression garnering domains don't receive real traffic? You guessed right! It's all fake traffic and although the numbers might be appealing the worth of the traffic coming from such domains is an absolute zero.

I added an image I took from such a domain a while back to allow you to see what I mean.